Your Brand Photographer and Cheerleader

I’m Julia & my goal is to help you personalize and strengthen your brand with photography.


It all started when…

You’ve got a curated styled and a beautiful product but when it comes to sharing what you offer... the hodgepodge of stock photos on your website just isn’t cutting it. Am I right? Well, *hands raised* - I’ve been there too.

We live in a creative world where it takes more than a pretty website and good writing to capture our viewer’s attention. It's time to create a brand that stands out in the crowd with photographs personalized to your business. Because, in case you haven’t noticed - everyone is starting a creative small business these days.

Let me first introduce myself, I’m Julia, a Minneapolis girl who’s been taking photos for over 9 years. When I’m not behind the camera you'll find me having taco night with my friends, cozying up to watch the latest season of The Crown, or traveling to someplace that has a view of the ocean.

I’m obsessed with helping creatives tell their story. Want to know my favorite part of working together?! It’s dreaming up ways to creatively capture it in a way that rings true to who you are AND helps you stand out in a saturated market. Because we all want a sustainable creative business that allows us to do more of what we love.

At Julia mary we believe…

The best breakfast is one that includes a donut, or two!


LIFE > BUSINESS. Basically, real life should always inform our business and not the other way around.

I’ll always be an ocean over a mountains kind of girl but the perfect world obviously includes both ;)


Friends that feel like family are the best kind of friends and there’s nothing better than family (oh hey, that’s us at my brothers wedding).